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Empire State Building Run Up (ESBRU) Training Resources

If you have signed up to take the ultimate vertical challenge, congratulations! Use these helpful pointers to prepare you for one of the most gratifying Endurance Events. If you are simply considering taking on this epic event, these resources will help get you in tip top shape!

Meet John Korff, President of Korff Enterprises

John is the event director for the NYC Triathlon and the Inaugural Ironman® U.S. Championship coming to NYC/NJ August 11, 2012. John has completed marathons and ultras, but his real passion is running up tall buildings.  He has been an age group champion for the ESBRU and knows a thing or two that can help you. Below John shares all of his wisdom for a successful run up the Empire State Building.

How to Get Ready for Race Day   Notes and Tips for Race Day
King Kong did it and you can too. There is no secret recipe: it’s just one foot after the other.
  Tips for if you simply want to finish, or if you really want to race!

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