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Fundraising Tips - Week 9

Week #9 – Raise $2,500 in Nine Days

It is very helpful to set a fundraising goal and break target amounts into smaller more manageable increments. To get you started, here is a simple yet eye-opening strategy for raising $2,500 in just nine days.

Day 1: Start by sponsoring yourself for $100

Day 2: Ask six family members to sponsor you for $100

Day 3: Ask ten friends to each contribute $50

Day 4: Ask seven co-workers to each contribute $50

Day 5: Ask five neighbors to each contribute $25

Day 6: Ask ten people from your place of worship to each donate $25

Day7: Ask your boss for a company contribution of $200 (or find out if your company will match what you raise)

Day 8: Ask five businesses with which your company works to sponsor you for $50

Day 9: Ask five businesses you frequent (for example your barber/hair stylist, dry cleaner, veterinarian, coffee shop, restaurants, etc.) to contribute $25

Day 10: Check out your fundraising page: You did it!