MMRF Endurance Events

Fundraising Tips - Week 7

Week #7 – Utilize Social Networking

Easily share your personal fundraising page with your social network.

Recent research shows that people who use social networks increase their fundraising by 40%!

The easiest and fastest way to spread the word about your campaign and efforts is through Facebook. It’s really easy! Your donation page automatically contains this icon:

facebook icon

Click on that icon or log directly on to Facebook to share about your involvement on the MMRF PowerTeam. You can copy and paste your donation link to the Facebook post and it will automatically add your donation site web address, as well as a thumbnail graphic.

Update your post weekly, and be sure to mix it up! When you vary the nature of your posts, you keep your Facebook followers interested. Don’t only/always post about how much money you need to raise. Vary your posts. Here are some other tips for posting:

  • One week you can announce your race.

  • The next you can make it funny.

  • The next week you might share your plan or talk about the difficulty you had running 18 miles in 90 degree weather.

  • Another week you can add a tidbit about the myeloma patient in your life and how the MMRF is helping them.

Include photos whenever possible. You can include your donation link each time, but make the posts about the various aspects of this experience. You’ve got lots of weeks to get ready for this event, so have lots of different approaches.

When you vary your message, people will actually read your posts and not just feel like they are being solicited. They will learn about why you are doing what you are doing and they will become vested in your journey.

You can also add your donation link to your LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other social networking site you belong to. If you have not yet joined an online social network...well...this just might be the time — and the reason - to do so!

Need some inspiration? View PowerTeam member Brady Gervais’ Twitter feed for inspiration here: Brady Gervais Twitter.