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Fundraising Tips - Week 6

Week #6 – Don't "Just Write A Check" – Let People Pay Tribute and Support You!

You might be thinking of "just writing a check." While that is certainly OK, know that by creating your own personalized fundraising webpage and reaching out to friends, family members and coworkers, you are doing much more than just meeting your fundraising commitment.

When you fundraise using an MMRF donation page, you are:

  • Raising awareness for the MMRF. This may be the first time people ever hear of multiple myeloma or the MMRF. Your donation page will enlighten them and help spread the word about the amazing work the MMRF is doing. Also, we hear again and again of team members who, through their campaign, are surprised to learn of relatives or friends that are connected to multiple myeloma. This is a great way to connect your donors to the MMRF and help us expand our base.

  • Giving them a way to support you and show support for myeloma patients. When someone is diagnosed, the people who know that patient don’t know what to do. They want to help, but they don’t know how. You are giving them a way to “do something” that can have a direct and positive impact on the patient in your life.

  • Giving the myeloma patient a way to ‘feel the love’ of their supporters. Imagine if you were a patient, or if you were about to go through a stem cell transplant, and you saw so many donations coming in in honor of you. We hear again and again how powerful this is for all involved: team member, donors, patients…It’s all good!

  • Giving them a great non-profit to make a donation to. Most people donate a certain amount of their income to charities each year. Make the MMRF one of those charities!

You may not like asking for donations, but many people WANT to give... You are the one doing all the training and pushing yourself to the limit on race day. All they have to do is support you! So don't be 'selfish' and keep this all to yourself. Let your loved ones and colleagues share in your effort! Believe me, you will feel their energy and love on race day!