MMRF Endurance Events

Fundraising Tips - Week 5

Week #5 – Top 10 Fundraising Ideas

By now you have no doubt started your fundraising, and you may have used some of these strategies, but we want to give you some tried and true ideas about what really works!

  1. Start early! You are going to have a lot on your plate. If your page ready, you can start the donations coming in while you are getting those training sessions in!

  2. Do not think of fundraising as asking for money. You are helping extend the lives of so many patients, and helping fund extraordinary cancer research contributing to the treatment of many other cancers as well.

  3. Do not make any assumptions or leave anyone out. You will be surprised who will come through for you. You are doing an extraordinary thing – and YOU are the one running the marathon, competing in the triathlon, riding in the cycling event! Others will want to support your effort to honor your commitment. Don't make assumptions about who can give what. Just put the request out there...and you will find that people will do what they can. This is key, and will make your fundraising donations come in quickly. Many people give a fixed amount of funds to charities each year. Make the MMRF one of those!

  4. Count on your friends! Have your buddies spread the word for you. Also, your friends may want to throw you a party! You can suggest a donation at the door, add a raffle, etc. Be creative and you will see the efforts pay off in your total funds raised while you celebrate your upcoming athletic milestone.

  5. Carry MMRF donation cards in your purse or wallet. Carry MMRF Wallet Cards in your purse or wallet. The link on the card will take people to the event donation site, and all the donor has to do is look for your name in the dropdown menu. Keep those cards handy for when the subject of your race and effort comes up. People often say “I’ll support you!” when they hear about what you are doing. Have the card handy, so they can follow through!

  6. Ask your boss and your co-workers to support you. Your boss will support your effort, either with a personal donation or perhaps even a sponsorship from the company. Also, check to see if your company has a "Company Matching Gifts" program – To see how that works go to Company Matching Gifts. This is ‘easy money’ so be sure to check it out!

  7. Use different strategies – Send emails. Write letters to people who don’t like email. Use word of mouth in conjunction with your wallet cards. Host a party. The most successful fundraisers use multiple methods.

  8. Network! If you belong to a book group, a running group, a playgroup, a church group, etc., let them know what you are up to. You will be surprised how many people you know who will support your efforts. Donations do not have to be big. It all adds up! Again, use those MMRF Wallet Cards.

  9. Collect cash and checks if offered! Many donors are interested in giving on the spot. Read FAQs on this subject to learn how to deposit your cash and check collections into your personal donation page so that can be reflected in your total.

  10. Ask! Ask! Ask! You are doing an incredible thing. You are training for an awesome and challenging athletic event to fund research for a terrible disease that has one of the lowest survival rates of any cancer. You are tapping into your power to make the difference in the lives of cancer patients.