MMRF Endurance Events

Fundraising Tips - Week 3

Week #3 – How to Build a Successful Fundraising Campaign

Remember the most successful campaign will be the result of continued communication. The key is to set up a good donation page (See Tip #2). Be sure you are investing time in updating your personal fundraising webpage and reminding your friends and family to contribute.

Here is how to take your fundraising efforts to the next level:

  • Post new and fresh information on your page periodically so your contacts stay connected. Do not forget to include a photo!

  • Send emails at regular intervals. Send out your emails to a large list - friends, family, co-workers, people connected to the myeloma patient, etc - and include the link to your personal donation webpage. Send your emails every 3-4 weeks at first, then every 1-2 weeks to the entire list. Use the emails to update about your progress. Tell the recipients how things are going — both with regard to training and with fundraising. The key is to keep those emails going. These emails will serve to thank the people who have already supported you and give them an update. The emails will also serve as a reminder for those who have not yet donated. Here are some sample sentences for you to include:

    • TRAINING: "Just finished the first of three 20 milers in my training program. It is hard to imagine running 6.2 miles MORE, but I know that by following my program — and tapping into the support of friends and family like you—I will make it! I also know that the pain and struggling I am experiencing is nothing compared to that of myeloma patients."

    • FUNDRAISING: "It is 2 months from race day, and I am half way to my fundraising goal. If you have donated already...thank you. If you have not done so yet, please help me reach my fundraising goal by visiting my donation page today and making a secure online donation."

    • PERSONAL CONNECTION: "I lost my grandmother to myeloma in 2006. Running this marathon to raise money to fund important research that goes directly to finding treatments for myeloma is a way to do something positive in honor of my grandmother."

  • For more inspiration on how to write good emails visit: SAMPLE EMAILS TO DONORS

  • Ask your contributors to pass on your message and donation page link to their friends and family (they can do it right from your donation page by clicking on the link at the top of the page that says "INVITE OTHERS TO DONATE" or they can simply cut and paste your link and include it in an email)

  • Keep people informed about your fundraising goals and progress by discussing them on your page.

  • If you get close to your donation goal, increase it! Donors are most likely to give more if they see you are still a way from your goal.

  • Include your donation page information in your email signature. By adding a short blurb to your signature, you are reminding your friends, family and coworkers how important this cause is to you and how they can help. Here is an example: A proud member of the NYC MMRF Team on Nov 4! Visit my website and join my team! (then include the link to your page)

The more effort you put into your fundraising campaign, the more money you are likely to raise for the MMRF. You can have fun and make your emails energetic and informative.

Do not be shy about sending emails. Remember, this athletic event is a big thing in YOUR life right now, but your friends and family are busy with their own lives, and may have forgotten to make a donation. Your friends, family and co-workers support you — they just might need to be reminded of what you are doing, so that they can follow up and make their donations.

Do not make assumptions about who can give or how much they can give. People will not contribute more than they can. You will be surprised who will come through for you that you did not expect. Most of your friends, family and coworkers will want to support this amazing effort you are making to accomplish a milestone of finishing this event. They will want to support your dedication to this important cause that is funding critical research for treatments that are extending lives. Remember that the MMRF is making breakthroughs in CANCER research - not just myeloma.

We promise you that this method works! We hear all the time how easy this is when people follow our directions. Do not put yourself under undue pressure. Start now!