MMRF Endurance Events

Fundraising Tips - Week 2

Week #2 – Create a Great Fundraising Page

The fastest, easiest way to raise money for your event is to use your personal MMRF donation page.

When you signed up to join our team, you either logged on with your account or created one at that time. Once your registration was complete, automatically created a donation page for you and that page link was emailed to you.

The next step is to personalize your donation page. Simply log on to your account by going to: Your Log In is the email address you used when you signed up. If you forget your password, can email it to you. Once you log in, look for the tab at the top of the page that says "Customize My Page". There you can customize your "welcome message" which is what your page visitors will see when they come to donate to your campaign. You can also upload a photo, change your page layout or color scheme, and set or change your fundraising goal.

Tips for your personal page:

When you sign up for the team you will automatically receive a personal donation webpage that includes the most significant information about the MMRF and our mission. Think of this standardized page as a starting point that you can add to. The best pages are personalized as outlined below. At a minimum, this standard page will provide your supporters with information about the MMRF. For the best, most effective donation campaign, make sure your page follows these guidelines:

  • Write a message that tells people WHY you are participating in this marathon, triathlon, or cycling event.

  • Tell your supporters about HOW you are connected to Multiple Myeloma.

  • Explain how much participating in this event means to you and how their support is so important to you.

  • Include a picture of yourself or of the person you are honoring. If you do not have such a photo, use a photo or logo of the event you are participating in. This is usually a default photo that you will see on your page. If not, email and we will add that photo for you.

  • Share the message about how much the MMRF has done to change the lives of countless people living with myeloma. Also share that the MMRF is a leader in cancer research in general, making game-changing advances and breakthroughs with the potential to impact millions.

For more inspiration and ideas on how to create a good donation page visit: SAMPLE DONATION PAGES

Finally, here are some FAQs and tips from that will help you as you personalize your page: Giving FAQs Customize My Page.