MMRF Endurance Events

Fundraising Tips - Week 16

Week #16 – Fundraising Round-Up – Final Lap of Fundraising

We think everyone is focused on our race because we are, and the truth is, only now as we get closer, do many of our friends and family members remember that we are participating in it. People are busy, and inundated with work and other obligations. Help them remember by sending a final email – right before the race.

This step really involves TWO emails, one just before the event, and another just after.

Send out a powerful email a day or so before your event. Some people wait until the very last minute to donate.  Well, this is it!  Send to your entire list of potential donors and those who have already made a contribution. Let them know the following:

  • How excited you are about the fact that race day is almost here.

  • Fill them in on how hard you have been training.

  • Share with them what your fundraising goal is, and how much more you need to make it to that goal.

  • Share a few facts about the MMRF (found on the FAQs)

  • Make sure they know how important this cause is to you and why.

  • Let them know that you want to ‘take them with you’ as you run through the streets of New York on your 26.2 mile journey (or whatever the details of your race are).  This is important to them.

  • Thank those who have donated already.  Ask directly for a donation from those who have not yet done so.

Send out an email right after the event – either that same day or the following day.  Do it while you are still feeling the excitement, power of accomplishment (and fatigue!). Share the details of the race and the emotions you felt as you ran, cycled or participated in the triathlon. If you have a photo from the day, include that.

Make sure the email after the race is sent to your entire database of supporters AND potential supporters.  It l will serve as a thank you to people who have already donated, and a reminder to those who have not done so yet.

These two emails are KEY!  The day is finally here, and your delayed supporters will (finally) realize it.

Remember that you will have until one month after the event to finalize your fundraising efforts and reach your goal, but honestly, the donations that come in after the race are generally harder to come by.