MMRF Endurance Events

Fundraising Tips - Week 14

Week #14 – Hold a Fun Fundraising Event – Celebrate and Gain Support

We have seen great success when team members plan ahead and host a party a few weeks before race day. You can do it in many ways, but it is easy to use Evite, Facebook, email or traditional means (mail/phone) to let your friends and family know about the event. Invite your friends, family and co-workers to celebrate and support your physical and fundraising efforts at a local restaurant, bar or someone's home. Try to keep your expenses to a minimum so you can deliver your funds raised to the research. Ask for a "suggested donation" at the door. Two of our NYC Marathon runners had a party of this nature last year with great success. They also solicited prizes from local businesses and held a silent auction. Their effort was extremely successful – raising $5,000 in one night! ($2,000 of it came from the silent auction and raffle). They also had a chance to have fun with their friends, family and supporters.

A Boston team member hosted a Latin Night Theme Party at her home a month before the marathon, billing it as "An evening of fun, friendship, music and food.” Her friends provided the food and beverages - basically throwing the party in her honor to support her efforts. Again, a donation amount is suggested on the invitation. She raised more than $2,000 in one night.

Another good idea: Get the office involved: Throw a mid-day munchies party at your office and ask everyone to make a donation at the door – or in a 'kitty' for some snacks.

Be sure to pool cash donations so that you can submit one check to the MMRF.

Use your imagination to come up with creative and fun ways to reach your financial goal.  These examples show how you can make it fun for your donors to celebrate your upcoming athletic accomplishment while helping YOU raise money for the MMRF!