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Fundraising Tips - Week 13

Week #13 – Keep Supporters Updated Via a Blog

Create a blog that you update regularly for your supporters. This is a great way to update your donors on your progress and remind those who have not yet donated to do so. The idea is to tell your story, and then initially send the link in an email to your supporters so that they can follow your progress as you take this journey.

There are many sites where you can create a blog at no cost. Google has an easy to use free blog site: Don’t worry if you have never done this before.  It is very easy to create a blog!  The directions are made for people who are new to the experience, so give it a try!

No matter the blog tool you use, it is a great way to keep your supporters up to speed with your progress – both from a fundraising perspective and a training one. When you involve your supporters they will know how much this means to you and want to help you reach your goals!

See these blogs to get inspired to write your own:

Be sure to include the link to your blog on your personal fundraising page as well as your outgoing emails to potential donors.  You might even want to put it in your signature for your personal email!