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Maximizing Your Online Donation Page

Use the following resources and tips to make the most of your online donations. Click on any topic below to learn more.

1. Setup Instructions for Personal Donation Pages

2. How to Build a Great Donation Page

3. Troubleshooting - FAQs - Contact Info

4. Sample Donation Pages

5. Sample Emails to Donors

Setup Instructions for Personal Donation Pages

When you registered to join our team, you either logged on with your account or created one. Once your registration was complete, automatically made a fundraising webpage for you, and that page link was emailed to you.

You are now ready to personalize your fundraising webpage. Simply log on to your account by going to: Once you log in, look for the tab at the top of the page that says "Customize My Page". there you can customize your "welcome message", which is the language that your page visitor will see when they come to donate to your fundraising campaign. You can also upload a photo, change your page layout or color scheme, and set or change your fundraising goal.

How to Build a Great Donation Page

The personal donation page template will be automatically branded to the MMRF and will be very simple to read and to use as a backdrop for your personal message. Important facts about the MMRF can be found in the FAQs. For the best, most effective donation campaign, make sure your page follows these guidelines:

  • Write a message that tells people WHY you are participating in this event.

  • Tell supporters HOW you are connected to multiple myeloma.

  • Share the story with supporters of how much participating in this event will mean to you and how their support is so important to your effort.

  • Be sure to include a picture of yourself or of the MMRF patient you are honoring. If you do not have such a photo, include a photo or logo of the event you are participating in. This is usually available in the dropdown menu where you upload your photos, but if not, email and we will send you what you need. Know that a picture makes a BIG difference and adds to the emotional connection your page visitor have with supporting you.

  • Share the message about how much MMRF has done to fund research and how their efforts are moving the medical community closer to finding a cure .

Note that you are required to personalize your page and/or post information about the MMRF mission within one week of your donation page being created. Blank pages or pages that do not include the MMRF mission statement will be modified to include the basic information at that time. Please feel free to personalize this standard message if we get to your page before you do. - Troubleshooting - FAQs - Contact Info

Many of the basic questions or issues you need help with are addressed here: ActiveGiving FAQs, including hoe to add line breaks and photos to your page. Also on the FAQs, you will find information on how to easily send up to 200 emails, how to upload your address book directly to to save time, and other helpful information.

If you are having trouble, check the ActiveGiving FAQs first. If you are still having difficulty, the best and fastest way to get help is to contact directly. They are the company that designs and hosts our donation pages. They are very responsive and helpful. If you need assistance with your page, whether it be personalizing the content, uploading a picture, etc... Contact ActiveGiving Customer Support. They are always ready to help.

To contact customer support, email or call 1-877-228-4881 and select option 2. Calling typically results in faster assistance.

Download an ActiveGiving Fundraising Help Guide

Sample Donation Pages

Use these sample donation pages from past successful PowerTeam members and teams to give you inspiration and tips to create your own.

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Sample Emails to Donors

Emails to family, friends, colleagues and others can be valuable fundraising tools. Here we offer some sample emails written by PowerTeam members that can serve as a reference or jumping off point for drafting your own.

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