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Kathy Elsey

When Kathy Elsey, Co-Founder of Precious Cat Litter and a multiple myeloma patient, shared her own story with other MMRF supporters, the response was overwhelming.

So many related to Kathy’s story and were touched by her strength and spirit. Below are some of the responses that were received.

“I want to personally thank you for your very exceptional gift to the MMRF. It is leaders like you that inspire the rest of us. Thanks VERY much.”
- David
“THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For your unbelievably generous support of the MMRF. As soon as I close this email, I am going to make a donation… I am so appreciative. I am certain that my current good state of health is due in part to the MMRF. I was diagnosed in February of 2006, so I am going on 6 years of living with multiple myeloma (having been diagnosed with the MM in “advanced” state, it is now barely detectable). As you have undoubtedly discovered, cancer, either your own or that of someone you love, has a way of abruptly sharpening your focus, and illuminating that which is most important in life. How wonderful that the two of you are using this scary challenge to help so many other people.”
- Jane
“We are making rapid strides concerning this insidious disease. And when that glorious day arrives when a cure is finally announced, we can all share in the triumph knowing that we played our part in the search for effective treatment...[My story is] similar...except it was ’08 and [I] lost 5 ½ inches of height before and during prep for transplant. Doing great now and I thank God for that. Thanks for sharing your story.”
- Don
“Grateful for the people that are working so hard to find a cure and for the patients that continue to fight. Seems like the greatest and nicest people have MM. I feel as if I have a gift.”
- Mary Ann
“You’re a true inspiration. Bless you and stay well and I’d love to hear from you again.”
- Frank
“I realized that dedicated people are what makes the world we inhabit such a better place. I realized that mankind is a beautiful collection of busy bees each contributing in a small way to making life better. I cant emphasize enough how grateful I am for these dedicated people.”
- Jerry
“When I turn to MMRF and read the postings from others I say Oh Lord if they can make it through then so can I. People need to know about bone marrow transplants and the people that have survived. My family thanks you for being a support around the world.”
- Jaqueline
“Our stories are mirror images of one another. I was diagnosed in 2009 with MM after surgery for damaged vertebrae as well and am also three inches shorter than I was back then. My stem cell was in 2010 and I have been in remission ever since. I too am deeply appreciative of MMRF and the support that they give to research that has brought miracle drugs to market so quickly. We encourage others who may read this to help MMRF support more, newer drugs to market. This is one concrete way we can work to bring this monster called MM to its knees and make sure that more of us are here to greet and nurture new generations. ”
- Foster
“This is a wonderful group doing so much research. If you have a cat at least support them by using the cat litter. My cat likes it. You can get it at Petco.”
- James
Corporate Supporter: Precious Cat
Precious Cat has generously supported the MMRF since 2009.
Kathy Elsey

Co-Founder of Precious Cat and multiple myeloma patient
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