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Meet Kathy Elsey

Updated: September, 2013

Meet Kathy Elsey, Colorado multiple myeloma patient and co-founder of Precious Cat with her husband, veterinarian Dr. Bruce Elsey.

The MMRF is exceedingly fortunate and proud to count the Elseys as major supporters, donating nearly $6 million since 2009 in accelerating new therapies to patients and new scientific discovery in pursuit of a cure for multiple myeloma.

The Elseys are motivated by the aggressive approach of the MMRF in battling myeloma, and are inspired by Kathy Giusti’s own personal story. As a fellow entrepreneur, Kathy Elsey understands the importance of innovative strategy, excellent execution, and measurable results that comprise strong business models and sees all of these qualities in the MMRF. “We are so fortunate to be able to give back, and the way the MMRF is moving the science forward to benefit all patients makes sense to us,” says Kathy Elsey.

Both women share a personal investment in the efforts of the MMRF to bring new treatments to patients more quickly, as well as a desire to continue enjoying time with friends and family. Both are highly motivated to ensure that a cure is found.

Kathy Elsey was diagnosed in January 2009 and underwent a stem cell transplant in June of that year. Today, Kathy is doing well and in the summer of 2012 learned that she is in complete remission. Throughout her journey she has had a strong focus on family and in 2012 welcomed her first granddaughter, Lily Kay, and grandson, George. With her growing family and advances in treatment she is now seeing a future that at the time of her diagnosis she did not think was possible.

Kathy Elsey is very grateful to the doctors that have helped since her diagnosis. Most of all she is deeply appreciative of the continuous support she receives from her husband Bruce who combines the experience of his medical background with endless compassion that makes him a great caregiver. The Elsey family feels blessed that Kathy is in remission and prays daily that a cure will be found for this devastating disease.

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Kathy and Bruce Elsey
Kathy and Bruce Elsey share a love of travel

The Elsey Family
The Elsey Family

Kathy and grandchildren
Kathy with her grandson George and granddaughter Lily Kay

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