Choose a Year - 2009 Grant Recipients

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2009 Senior Research Award

Marta Chesi, PhD
Mayo Clinic

Scottsdale, AZ
“In-vivo Validation of Novel Anti-Myeloma Therapies”

Madhav Dhodapkar, MD
Yale University

New Haven, CT
“Harnessing Anti-Sox2 T Cells in Myeloma Pre-Clinical Studies”

Irene Ghobrial, MD
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Boston, MA
“Integrin Regulation of MM Trafficking”

Siegfried Janz, PhD
University of Iowa

Iowa City, IA
“Pre-clinical Validation of IL06 for Translational Myeloma Research”

Noriyoshi Kurihara, DDS, PhD
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Pittsburgh, PA
“p62 Signaling as a Therapeutic Target for MM”

Suzanne Lentzsch, MD, PhD
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Pittsburgh, PA
“Effects of iMiDs on Granulocytic Maturation”

Yulia Nefedova, PhD
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center

Tampa, FL
“Targeting Wnt Signaling Network to Enhance Chemotherapy in MM”

Rao Prabhala, PhD
Boston VA Research Institute

Boston, MA
“Evaluating the in Vitro and in Vivo Effects of Targeting IL-17 in Myeloma”

Dave Roodman, MD, PhD
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Pittsburgh, PA
“GFI-1 Suppression of Osteoblast Differentiation in Myeloma”

Robert Williams, PhD
Colorado State University

Colorado Springs, CO
“MM Therapeutics Based on the Natural HDACi Largazole”

2009 Research Fellow Award

Shrikanta Chattopadhyah, PhD
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Boston, MA
“Screening for Small Molecule Inhibitors of MM within its Microenvironment”

Damian Green, MD
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Seattle, WA
“Radio-immunotherapy for MM”

Haiyan Li, MD
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

Houston, TX
“Role of Osteoclasts in the Regulation of T-Cell Immunotherapy in MM”

Vishnu Ramani, PhD
University of Alabama, Birmingham

Birmingham, AL
“Heparanese Inhibation as Anti-Metastatic Therapy for MM”

Mahadeo Sukhai, PhD
University Health Network

Toronto, Canada
“Investigating the Anti-Myeloma Effects of Cliquinol”