Choose a Year - 2006 Grant Recipients

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2006 Compound Validation Award

James Berenson, MD
The Institute for Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research
"A new tumor growth factor for multiple myeloma (MM) called pleiotrophin (PTN)"

Jing Chen, PhD
Emory University
"Targeting p90RSK by a highly specific inhibitor fmk in multiple myeloma"

Hearn Cho, MD, PhD
NYU School of Medicine
"Type I MAGE mRNA-pulsed dendritic cell vaccines for multiple myeloma"

Shaji Kumar, MD
Mayo Clinic, Rochester
"Non-Genotoxic Activators of p53 as Therapy for Multiple Myeloma"

Xiao-Yan Wen, MD, PhD
University Health Network
"ABT-737 as a specific inhibitor of Bcl-2 and Bcl-XL"

2006 Cell Line Development Award

Diane Jelinek, PhD
Mayo Clinic, Rochester
"Establishment of a Panel of Diverse Human Myeloma Cell Lines"

Michael Kuehl, MD
National Cancer Institute
"Generation of cell lines from primary multiple myeloma and MGUS "

2006 Senior Research Award

The MMRF is pleased to announce that it has awarded 10 Senior Research Award grants totaling $2,000,000, to researchers at 7 outstanding institutions. MMRF 2006 Senior Research Awards provide a two-year award at $100,000 for each year.

Robert Colman, MD
Temple University-HSC
"Treatment of Multiple Myeloma with a humanized monoclonal antibody"

Apollina Goel, PhD
Mayo Clinic Rochester
"Combination of drugs and radiation for improved therapy of multiple myeloma"

Larry Kwak, MD, PhD
University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
"Adoptive immunotherapy with donor myeloma-specific T cells"

Klaus Podar, MD, PhD
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
"On the Role of cJun and cAbl in Multiple Myelom"

Ya-Wei Qiang, MD, PhD
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
"Defining role of Wnt signaling in multiple myeloma: therapeutic implication"

Keith Stewart, MB, ChB
Mayo Clinic Arizona
"Development of Cyclin D2 Inhibitors for Treatment of Multiple Myeloma"

Leslie Thompson, PhD
The Regents of the University of California (Irvine)
"Identifying therapeutic targets for FGFR3-associated MM"

Suzanne Trudel, MD
University Health Network
"Characterization of Phospho-Protein Networks in Myeloma"

Frits van Rhee, MD, PhD
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
"KIR-Ligand Mismatched Natural Killer Cell Therapy for Myeloma"

Shmuel Yaccoby, PhD
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
"Role of SLRPs in the anti-myeloma response of osteoblasts"

2006 Validation of Novel Combinations Award

Ivan Borrello, MD
Johns Hopkins University
"Combining Tumor Vaccines with Adoptive Immunotherapy in Myeloma"

Dharminder Chauhan, PhD
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
"Combination Therapies Targeting Proteasome, Mitochondria and NF-kappa B"

William Dalton, PhD, MD
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute
"Combined Therapy of Bortezomib and BMS-345541 in a Myeloma Mouse Model"

Suzanne Lentzsch, MD, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
"Synergistic Effects of PS-342 (Velcade) and BX471 on Multiple Myeloma"

Sagar Lonial, MD
Emory University
"Synergistic Combinations of Targeted Agents for Myeloma"

Constantine Mitsiades, MD, PhD
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
"Multi-Targeted Kinase Inhibition-Based Combination Strategies in Myeloma"

Jesus San Miguel, MD, PhD
Centro De Investigacion del Cancer
"Synergy of Aplidin and LBH589 with Conventional Anti-myeloma Treatments"

2006 Research Fellow Award

Larry Anderson, MD, PhD
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
"Identification of Novel Targets for T-Cell Immunotherapy of Myeloma"

Qing Chen, PhD
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Targeting the SCF/skp2 pathway for the treatment of multiple myeloma"

Wee Chng, MD
Mayo Clinic Arizona
"Genomic and Functional characterization of p53 pathway in MM"

Douglas Feldman, PhD
Stanford University
"Therapeutic Targeting of Ire1/XBP-1 in Malignant B Cells"

Tanyel Kiziltepe-Bilgicer, PhD
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
"Effects of JS-K, a GST based NO generator, on MM: therapeutic implications"

Jianfei Qian, DVM, PhD
University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
"Identifying DKK1 as a novel and widely expressed tumor antigen in MM"

Michael Sebag, MD, PhD
Mayo Clinic Arizona
"Transgenic mouse model of drug development for multiple myeloma"

Jennifer Tibodeau, PhD
Mayo Clinic Rochester
"Novel Natural Products with Potential Therapeutic Uses in Multiple Myeloma"