Choose a Year - 2005 Grant Recipients

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2005 Senior Research Award

Olcay Batuman, MD
SUNY Downstate Medical Center
"Endothelial progenitor cells and multiple myeloma: prognosis and treatment"

Lawrence Boise, PhD
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
"Proteasome inhibition and the terminal unfolded protein response"

Preet Chaudhary, MD, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
"Role of the alternative NF-?B pathway in multiple myeloma"

Marta Chesi, PhD
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
"Functional characterization of MMSET in-vivo"

Ruth Craig, PhD
Dartmouth Medical School
"Targeted therapy of multiple myeloma by splice-switching of anti-apoptotic MCL1 to death inducing forms"

Dmitry Gabrilovich, MD, PhD
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center
"Notch signaling as a new molecular target in multiple myeloma"

Els Goulmy, PhD
Leiden University Medical Center
"Recombinant immunotoxins for minor histocompatibility antigen based treatment of multiple myeloma"

Ray Lee, MD, PhD
University of Utah - Huntsman Cancer Institute
"Development of novel targeted therapy for multiple myeloma"

Jonathan Licht, MD
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
"Transcriptional functions and targets of the MMSET protein of t(4:14) myeloma"

Henk Lokhorst, MD, PhD
University Medical Center Utrecht
"Donor lymphocyte infusions combined with autologous antigen presenting cells to improve the graft-versus-myeloma effect"

Noopur Raje, MD
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
"Defining the role of BAFF and APRIL in multiple myeloma and its bone marrow milieu: therapeutic implications"

Borislav Sarcevic, BSc, PhD
St. Vincent's Institute of Medical Research
"Evaluation of a regulatory site in the ubiquiting-conjugating enzyme Cdc34 as a potential therapeutic target for the treatment of multiple myeloma"

Megan Sykes, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital
"Immunobiology of lymphohematopoietic GVH reactions"

Leslie Michels Thompson, PhD
University of California, Irvine
"Therapeutic targeting of FGFR3 pathways in multiple myeloma"

Max Topp, MD
Julius-Maximillian Universitat Wurzburg, Germany
"Targeting multiple myeloma by HM 1.24 specific measles virus delivered by T-cells"

Xiao-Yan Wen, MD, PhD
Toronto General Research Institute, University Health Network, Canada
"Mouse myeloma models with targeted chromosome 14 deletions"

Qing Yi, MD, PhD
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
"Heat shock proteins as targets for immunotherapy in multiple myeloma"

2005 Research Fellow Award

Maurizio Affer, PhD
Mayo Clinic Arizona
"Antigen induced myeloma"

Yazan Alsayed, MD
University of Pittsburgh
"Molecular mechanism of mTOR inhibition as a therapeutic modality for multiple myeloma"

Giacomina Brunetti, PhD
University of Bari, Italy
"Mechanism/s of osteolytic lesions in multiple myeloma: the role of the osteoblasts"

Alexandre Corthay, MSc, PhD
University of Oslo / Institute of Immunology
"Therapeutic effect of idiotype-specific CD4+ T cells against multiple myeloma"

Patrick Frost, PhD
West LA VA Medical Center
"AKT-mediated regulation of sensitization of multiple myeloma cells to mTOR inhibitors"

Michael Kline, PhD
Mayo Clinic - Rochester
"Examining IL-8 and the pathogenesis of multiple myeloma"

Min Li, MD, PhD
Tulane University Health Sciences Center
"Renoprotection in multiple myeloma by pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide"

Chang-Xin Shi, PhD
Toronto General Research Institute / Toronto General Hospital
"Conditional knockout of a putative tumor suppressor gene CHC1L in multiple myeloma"

Eric Stoopler, BA, DMD
University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
"The incidence of amyloid deposition in abdominal and oral mucosal tissue in patients initially diagnosed with multiple myeloma"

RFA: Compound Library Screening

Screen a specific library of compounds in various models of multiple myeloma to determine their potential activity.

David Frank, MD, PhD
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
"Screening for Inhibitors of Transcription Factors Essential for the Survival of Multiple Myeloma Cells: STAT3 and NF-kB"

Suzanne Lentzsch, MD, PhD
University of Pittsburgh Cancer Center
"A Novel Multiplex Drug Screening Assay (MDSA) of compounds related to Multiple Myeloma"

David Schimmer, MD, PhD
Princess Margaret Hospital and Ontario Cancer Center
"Screening a chemical library tio identify novel inhibitors of c-maf-mediated cyclin D2 transactivation"

RFA: Therapeutic Targets Initiative

Identify and prioritize molecular targets that are suitable candidates for developing novel therapeutics to treat multiple myeloma.

James Bradner, MD
Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT
"Selective inhibition of HDAC6 in the treatment of multiple myeloma"

Robert Orlowski, MD, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"The immunoproteasome as a target for multiple myeloma therapy"

Allan Weissman, MD
Center for Cancer Research, NCI-Frederick
"Targeting ERAD and UPR in multiple myeloma"

RFA: Translational Research

A new initiative supporting translational research approaches to screen therapeutic compounds and validate molecular targets in multiple myeloma.

Lori Hazlehurst, PhD
Moffitt Cancer Center
"Effects of HYD1 on Melphalan Sensitivity in a SCID-Hu in-vivo Multiple Myeloma Model"

Teru Hideshima, MD, PhD
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
"Augmentation of Anti-myeloma Activity of Conventional/Novel Agents by Inhibition of Akt Using a Novel Alkyl-phospholipid, Perifosine"

Kelvin Lee, MD
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
"Targeting CD28 for the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma"

Axel Schönthal, PhD
University of Southern California Keck Medical School
"Potent Enhancement of Conventional Multiple Myeloma Chemotherapy by DMC, a Novel Drug with Multifaceted Molecular Actions"

Helena Jernberg Wiklund, PhD
Karin Vanderkerken, PhD
Uppsala University
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
"Translational Network Validating the IGF-1R as a Therapeutic Target in Multiple Myeloma Models in vitro and in vivo"

Shmuel Yaccoby, PhD
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
"Targeting DKK1 in Multiple Myeloma with Humanized Anti-DKK1 Neutralizing Antibody"