August 31, 2009

First Day of School, Kathy Giusti, CEO

I woke up this morning anticipating the craziness of my favorite day – the first day of school – and it wasn’t crazy at all. My daughter Nicole is now a sophomore in high school. Before I know it, she is dressed, has straightened her hair, and is ready to go with her schedule of classes and cheerleading practices. My son David, now in the 7th grade, grabs his bookbag he packed the night before and takes care of our new puppy before heading out.

As I watch them start their morning, I can’t help thinking, ‘How did I get so lucky?’ When I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma 13 years ago, I was told I would not live to see Nicole enter kindergarten. But here I am today, witnessing another rite of passage I never dreamed I would see – two wonderful, bright, independent children who I have been blessed to see grow up.

I treasure these days like today more than anything and I know that it is moments like these that all families living with multiple myeloma hope for. Today is truly a reflection of the support of friends and family and the efforts of all those who are working hard to advance cancer research. I cannot think of a better time than now to say thank you.