June 23, 2009

Check Out the Recent Press Release from the MMRC, Anne Quinn Young, MPH, Program Director

Check out the recent press release from the MMRC.  We are thrilled to report that we have been able to shave 100 days off of the time to activate a clinical trial in the MMRC as opposed to a published benchmark.  This means potential cost savings for our biopharma partners as well as earlier access to promising treatments for patients.  By collaborating closely with our MMRC Member Institutions and initiating business solutions such as standardized contracts and processes, as well as site management via the MMRC Multiple Myeloma Program Coordinators (MMPC), we have additional proof that the model works.  Stay tuned for the data that show we also complete trials faster!

Read the MMRC Press Release Now: http://www.themmrf.org/about-the-mmrf/powerful-news/press-releases/multiple-myeloma-research-consortium-mmrc-activates-clinical-trials-30-40-percent-faster-than-industry-standard.html